Manmohini on Zee TV: Ram and Siya to die

Zee TV show Manmohini will see a huge development with Ram and Siya’s death, and with the story entering the next phase.

Manmohini on Zee TV: Ram and Siya to die

Zee TV’s Manmohini (Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films) will see a huge development with the death of Ram (Ankit Siwach) and Siya (Garima Rathore)!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

There will be a huge face-off between Ram, Siya and Mohini (Reyhna Malhotra) in the coming episodes.

In the fight that will happen, Mohini will be successful in killing Siya, post which Ram will kill himself.


This will be a huge development in the show, which will take the storyline to the next big phase.

However, both Ram and Siya will be shown alive later on.

As per a reliable source, “Ram will be saved by Mohini, post which she will capture his soul. On the other hand, Siya will be saved from the claws of death, but will remain unconscious for a span of one year.”

The show will take a one year leap post which Ram would have turned into a character by name Rana (again played by Ankit Siwach). He will be a total Casanova who will have evil intentions on women. Rana will have no past memory, and will be cruel. His actions will be controlled by Mohini.

With this, Ankit Siwach will get to play a very different character, when compared to Ram.

When contacted, Ankit confirmed the news of him playing a different character, but did not get into details.

We reached out to Producer Prateek Sharma, but did not get revert.

Our efforts to reach out to the channel spokesperson were in vain.

Watch this space at for more exclusive updates.

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