Arshiya and Piyush to kiss and confess love in MTV Splistvilla X2. Read here for more details

MTV Splistvilla X2: Arshiya and Piyush to kiss and confess love

Arshiya and Piyush, the cute couple of MTV Splistvilla X2, are fighting hard to survive in the game.

In the coming episode, Arshiya and Piyush will be given a chance to spend some quality time together.

The two will go on a romantic date wherein Piyush will go down on his knees and propose to Arshiya. He will kiss her and confess his feelings for Arshiya.


Along with Piyush and Arshiya, Bhavya and Uday will also go for a happy evening.

Are you excited to witness the drama this week?

Who will get evicted this week?

Watch this space at for exclusive updates.

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