I really enjoyed running the last leg of the relay race in Sasural Simar Ka

Varun Sharma talks at length about his journey with Sasural Simar Ka.

I really enjoyed running the last leg of the relay race in Sasural Simar Ka

Varun Sharma, one of the pillars of the younger generation cast in Colors’ recently concluded successful show, Sasural Simar Ka is happy with the experience and learning curve he got with this whole experience!!

Having been with the show for nearly 19 months, Varun has had an amazing journey wherein he got a lot to do in the character progression.

He got to play a guy possessed, played a Bhojpuri guy, a Sardarji and a kid!!

In an exclusive conversation with IndianWikiMedia.com, Varun shares his memorable moments, journey, ups and downs and much more…

Says Varun, “The best gain out of Sasural Simar Ka is that I can now cry without glycerine (smiles). On a serious note, I was blessed to work with actors like Jayati Mam (Bhatia), Keerti Kelkar, Dipika Kakar. All of them are so good at heart; I learned a lot from them. Also, this journey has made me more confident in my skills. I can see the growth in myself with the variety that I have got to play in the one role.”

Ask him about the most challenging phase in the show, and Varun states, “I played Mannu the kid for the longest time. I was so into the character that I at times forgot how to behave normally. The best part was that I wanted this track to stay on for long. It was a challenge to be in the character of a kid for 12 hours every day.”

Varun entered the show as the younger generation lead when the going was good enough. However, he has seen a lot with time. “There was a phase where Simar was gone and Dheeraj was also not there. So the onus was on me and Nikki Sharma (Roshni) and we held it together. It was a hard time as our TRP was above 2 even then. Going on, I shared onscreen chemistry with three wives and all were very good actors (smiles). I was most connected with Monica Sharma, though we were together for a short span of time. We were very similar and both were from Delhi.”

Varun will miss Matarani and Mataji (Jayati Bhatia) the most. “The show was very popular because of Matarani’s blessings. Jayati ji (Mataji)  is one person I will miss the most. She was so full of positivity,” avers the actor.

Narrating an incident with Jayati, Varun laughs and says, “When I went to Bharadwaj house to shoot for the first time, I made a comment that the set was not as good as the one I was shooting at. Jayatiji immediately gave me a slap (smiles). Not a slap, but a pat on my cheek and told me that this set is the most beautiful one. I did not know how to react to this. But after that, she showered so much of love on me. We gelled very well.”

Varun feels that if Sasural Simar Ka had stayed at the prime time slot, it would have continued to create wonders with its ratings. “Even without any promotion, we did really well. The loyal viewers of Simar were with us till the end. It was one of the top shows when the slot was changed. This halted the smooth process. Few felt the show had gone off air and only repeats aired at 5.30 PM. The slot was not even a proper slot.”

Varun Sharma says that being part of the show for a long time was indeed great. “It was like a relay race wherein we took it in the last one and half years. I really enjoyed running the last leg of the relay race in Sasural Simar Ka (smiles). At a phase where shows get shut in only few months, this has been a memorable show. The show brought in lot of experimentation; it needs guts to experiment even when you are doing so well.”

Varun feels happy to be told that he was the only younger generation actor who stayed put with the show till the end. “Many actors jumped ship and went away. Rashmi Sharma has earlier given me my solo hit show Bhagyalakshmi. I decided to stay and not jump. Among the older cast, Mataji and Pari were there from the beginning. After that I was the only actor to have stayed long.”

Varun shares the one aspect that left a bitter taste in him. “I did not like the fact that some people took credit unnecessarily after joining in later. They wanted to portray that they were the main pillars. This was everybody’s show. Actually, people take credit when the show is up and throw the blame on others when ratings drop. Apart from this one bad experience, everything about the show was very positive. It has been one amazing experience for me.”

On his future work, Varun states that he will now be busy for a month or so with his travel plans. He will surely get back with yet another interesting character soon.

Varun, we loved watching you in Simar and may you get to be part of yet another amazing journey!!


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