Arshiya Arshi enters as a wild card contestant in MTV Splistvilla X2

MTV Splistvilla X2: Piyush to choose between his love Arshiya and ideal match Aahana

This week, the Splitsvillians are in for a major shock as Arshiya Arshi, who previously got eliminated in the show, re-enters the show. Her re-entry in the show as a wild card contestant has definitely not gone down well with her counterparts, Aahana, Bhavya, Miesha and Soundarya. The audience is up for another drama, this Friday!

For this week’s challenge, Rannvijay and Sunny introduce a new task, Dil Mein Bajjhi Guitar, where the boys have to choose a girl for their challenge. Piyush’s decision of choosing between his love Arshiya and his ideal match Aahana lead to a series of fights during the briefing of the task where Arshiya says that ‘she loves him’ & the whole villa puts allegations on Piyush for cuddling & spending quality time with Aahana. In this task, the boys are hanging on 5 ropes which looks like a guitar string. Sunny and Rannvijay will ask a few questions to test the compatibility of the couples and whichever boy thinks that their girl knows the answer have to blow a whistle. If the girl answers it right gets an opportunity to cut one string of other couple & if the answer is wrong they have to cut string of themselves. The boy who goes out of all  the 5 strings the quickest loses the challenge & the last two pairs who are left with the strings win the challenge.

Viewers will witness the cold vibes shared between Arshiya and Aahana during the task. Whom will Piyush choose?

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