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Gautam Vig on Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Every person should have a friend like Piyush in their life: Gautam Vig on Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Actor Gautam Vig is currently seen as Piyush in Colors TV show, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, which deals with how society perceives beauty.

The show recently witnessed a new phase in show wherein Mayura takes a stand for herself and fights for rights. In this process, Piyush supports and helps her. However, Omkar gets angry and puts Piyush in terrible hardship and Mayura wants to help Piyush out. During this battle, it is believed that Piyush will breathe his last.

Talking about the journey and new phase, Gautam says, “My journey has been amazing in the show. The entire team has been very great to work with. I got a lot of love from fans and I am overwhelmed. Piyush is supporting Mayura in her fight. Although, Piyush, who considered his brother Omkar as a god, is against him as what he is doing is wrong. I believe every person should have a friend like Piyush who can help and be strong support. So, via Mayura’s journey, we are awaking people and giving them ways to fight for their rights.”

Gautam did face a few challenges during the process. He mentions, “We all go through challenges as we are playing a person which is different from our real personality. It is difficult to get into a character and adapt to those characteristics. However, in this show, I am similar to Piyush. I am a fun-loving person, who takes a stand for his friends and supports them. I and Sahil are good friends and during scenes I had to slap him, these were the things which were challenging.”

On an end note, he says, “There are a lot of girls who have faced multiples challenges. Not only girls but boys too and they don’t have any support as well, I would just like to say that this doesn’t mean your life ends. You should keep going and eventually, everything settles down. People commit suicide and look for other options to end their life but that is not the only thing. We just need to stand strong and if you think you need to talk to someone and then you should go ahead.”

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