Junooniyatt, the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment, leaves no stone unturned to entertain viewers with its gripping storyline. As per the plot, Elahi confronts Jordan (Gautam Vig) about the house papers he possesses. Jordan reveals that her father had taken a loan of 10 lakhs against their house, which he subsequently paid off to secure the papers. Jordan lays out the ultimatum and mentions to Elahi that she has mere three days to gather 10 lakhs and regain ownership of their home, or else she must return to her family as a daughter-in-law. The revelation leaves Elahi (Neha Rana) in a state of shock and disbelief.

Jahaan (Ankit Gupta) attempts to meet Elahi, but she avoids him completely. Upon returning home, Elahi is disheartened by the dismal state of her house. Dada and Dadi are in distress, fearing a repetition of past events when Baljeet and Dolly left home. Elahi’s family is determined to prevent her from facing a similar fate. Elahi actively searches for job opportunities and visits Sultan’s office for a potential singing gig. Meanwhile, Jahaan confides in Inderjit that he intends to expose Maheep’s misdeeds before returning to the Mehta house with his parents.

In the coming episode, Elahi sees Dolly in the hospital, where Jahaan has taken her for a checkup. Upon meeting her, Elahi realizes Dolly is in a coma and tries to ask Jahaan about it. Meanwhile, Elahi manages to gather funds through her efforts. Simultaneously, Jahaan fulfills his promise to his parents by successfully bringing them back to the Mehta House.

Will Elahi and Jahaan reunite?