Junooniyatt, the Colors show produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey under the banner of Dreamiyata Entertainment, has seen major drama in recent episodes. As per the plot, Elahi serves Jordan the first hearing summons papers for their divorce. He becomes furious and drags Elahi to the hall. Jordan hands the divorce papers to Dolly, hinting at revealing the truth but ultimately covering it up, claiming they are his friend’s papers. Later, he warns Elahi that if she takes him to court, he will disclose everything to Dolly.

Jahaan (Ankit Gupta) and Elahi (Neha Rana) pretend to be a couple in front of Dolly, who is suspicious of their relationship. Dolly wants to check if they sleep in the same room, so she sits in the hall. Consequently, Jahaan and Elahi are forced to spend the night inside Jahaan’s room. Jordan attempts various methods to make Dolly sleep to prevent Jahaan and Elahi from being together for long. Eventually, in desperation, he burns his own hand, leading to panic in the house. Jordan (Gautam Vig) asks Jahaan to take him to the hospital, and during the journey, Jahaan discovers Jordan’s deceit, leading to an argument about Elahi.

In the coming episode, Dolly surprises the family by decorating the house for the anniversary celebration, revealing that she remembers the occasion. Everyone is shocked now as their plan has failed. In response, Jahaan suggests that Jordan and he should stick together throughout the party. This way, when Dolly mentions Elahi’s name, people will assume she’s referring to Jordan’s wife, not realizing she means Jahaan’s wife. Meanwhile, Maheep and Jordan have their own plan to reveal the truth to Dolly.

Will the truth come out in front of Dolly?