Piyush Sharma and Ashish Bhatia to have a verbal spat and soon Piyush to attempt to beat Ashish in MTV Splitsvilla X2

MTV Splitsvilla X2: Piyush Sharma attempts to beat Ashish Bhatia

MTV Splitsvilla X2 is witnessing interesting drama. Last week, Aahana and wild card contestant Bhavin were dumped in the dome session.

Later, in the task ‘honey hug me’, contestants dipped their counterparts into cowdung. The task saw a series of heated arguments amongst the contestants.

In the coming episode, rivals Piyush Sharma and Ashish Bhatia will have a verbal spat. Soon, Piyush will lose his cool and go to attack Ashish with a heavy object.


Will the other contestants manage to stop the fight?

Are you excited to watch the drama?

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