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Bigg Boss 14 update

No Touching,  No Feeling On Bigg Boss 14

For those who tune in to Bigg Boss every season for their annual dose of real-time titillation the sobering news is, Covid19 has wiped out the intimacy from the show.

A source close to the reality show told this writer, “Forget about intimacy, contestants have been strictly prohibited from hugging or touching one another. Anyone breaking the social-distancing would be immediately disqualified.”

One of the major attractions on Bigg Boss every year is the host Salman Khan’s weekly Saturday interaction with the contestants. This too has been converted to a virtual exercise, thanks to the Covid fright.

Says the source, “Salman will in all likelihood be addressing the Bigg Boss contestants via video-conferencing. All physical contact among contestants and between contestants and host haven been effectually lulled.”

How well would the audience take to these changes in the intimacy level? It is feared Bigg Boss would lose much of its charm in its endeavour to maintain social distancing.This is why the show intends to bring in a lot of superstar-guests, all via the virtual route, of course.

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