Peninsula Pictures family takes to the cricketing field for ‘Peninsula Pictures Premiere League’

Production house Peninsula Pictures kickstart a unique cricketing saga for all in the family. Read here for details.

Peninsula Pictures family takes to the cricketing field for ‘Peninsula Pictures Premiere League’

Cricket is a tradition in India and the game is religiously follows by each and every individual in the country. And when an idea crops up to associate the game of cricket with entertainment, the outcome is always mind-blowing.

This is exactly what the renowned production house Peninsula Pictures decided to work upon.

Peninsula Pictures is a growing family and believe in the power of teamwork. The production house is spearheaded by Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez, who were the first to bring forth the thought of ‘Peninsula Pictures Premier League’.

“The idea of the League is to celebrate the contribution of our unsung heroes who are the people working behind the camera. Their unity of strength, creativity and labour makes a show, and we wanted to reciprocate it with this gesture of appreciation and motivation from our end. Since cricket is a religion in our country, we decided to organise a cricket league for our people”, said Alind and Nissar in a joint statement.

Peninsula Pictures Premier League comprises of six teams – Peninsula Pictures, Peninsula Studios, the Peninsula Post team and the three current running shows which are Aladdin, Vikram Betaal and Paramavatar Shri Krishna. Each respective team has chosen a name for their team which are; ‘Peninsula Pictures as Peninsula Panthers, Peninsula Studio as Peninsula Phantoms, Peninsula Post team as Muchaad Gang XI, Vikram Betaal as VB Emperors, Paramavatar Shree Krishna as Krishna Lords XI and Aladdin team as Aladdin-Naam Toh Suna Hoga’.

Peninsula Pictures Premier League kick-started from the 26th of January 2019. The 6 teams will compete against each other and one team will be awarded the coveted trophy.

We also hear that the actors part of the Peninsular family will be seen gracing the matches as and when they get time. Actors Manish Wadhwa, Mahi Soni, Gungun Uprari, Nirnay Samadhiya have already made their presence felt. Actors from other shows of the production house will also be seen in the coming matches.

A nice thought indeed!! Have a gala time on the field, Peninsula family!!


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