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Review of Colors’ Vish: Might just have the right bite

Post the lacklustre Bigg Boss last year, the fortunes of Colors have taken a nosedive. Channel mandarins seem to be of the firm view that only the supernatural genre is the way forward for most.

No wonder they tried to bring in Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara and Tantra at the 10.30 and 11 pm slots respectively. Their thinking is not wrong. Nazar (Star Plus) continues to hold well at the late night 11 pm time-band.

Tanta fared very badly, hence was taken out faster. But even the latter Adaa Khan starrer’s narrative was no great shakes, so eventually had to bite the dust as well.

The replacement show is a cross between Naagin and Vish Kanya (makers need to go beyond the tried and tested). Vish showcases the sexy Debina Bonerjee as the evil Sabrina (Vishaili) who is desperate to bring back to life her mate, Vishaila, lest their entire species dies (Nat Geo, any ideas?). Wonder why they only have a 113-year time frame and not 150 or 98? She is much younger than Manmohini’s enchanting Dayan who’s aged 500 plus. If only we mere mortals had such an elixir to long life — goodbye, Botox.

The scene where she kills the guy who tries to get fresh with her was fun. Her joke that you died for no reason was ironic.

However, only one particular person with a birthmark can help them (they need to slow poison him and take over his body) on their way, and that person is Sabrina’s brother in law, Aditya (Vishal Vashishtha). Interestingly, she has poisoned her husband Mohit and her brother in law thinks her to be a gold-digger.

Cut to main lead, Dr. Aliya (Sana Maqbool), who has been appointed by Sabrina to be her now mute husband’s on-call physician. She is told in no uncertain terms to keep her trap shut and also not to use a mirror on the premises. Wonder how she checks herself before leaving her room?

There is a backstory to her as well. Her father was also killed by an unknown poison and she finds similar traits in Mohit’s case as well. All hell breaks lose when she tries to get him to hospital.

The setting is an island away from the city which can be accessed by ferry.

The visual effects when Sabrina comes to her real form are a bit chilling. Some computer graphics, for example the ant sequence, were good, but the helicopter scene left much to be desired. Should Colors not increase the FX budgets?

The opening scene where Sabrina meets Aliya at the poolside was shot well, having just the right amount of glamour. Debina had adorned a cute swimsuit and not a bikini. Having said that, both good-looking ladies should have worn swimwear for the pool party, as should have the other guests.

Aditya’s character is too one-dimensional rich spoilt brat who burns his car after a tiff with Aliya. His human side is only seen in his equation with his friend, Siddharth, whose education he funds. More such layering is the need of the hour. Siddharth too is killed by Sabrina as a mistaken identity.

Not much is yet known about the character of Visheera, played by Krrip Kapur Suri. We are sure he will have a very important role.

Just one thing we don’t get — how come the cops have not yet come knocking on the doors with a slew of unexplained deaths? The atmosphere inside is so different compared to the death and fear outside. We are sure one cop character will soon enter to make Sabrina’s life hell as Hiten Tejwani did in Tantra, though that did not help matters either.

Agreed, imitation is the best form of flattery; but here, it has been taken a tad too far. Sabrina’s self-comments are too eerily similar to what Sangeeta Ghosh’s dayan character does in Divya Drishti (Star Plus).

Coming to the positives, the initial episodes have surely held my attention, liking the storyboard (not original to say the least, but yes, entertaining). I did not get similar feelings regarding Vish Ya Amrit, but again, that is my personal call. You might have liked it.

Debina does a superb job as the main vish kanya/snake woman. She is a very good actress, having pulled off diverse characters like Sita (Ramayan) and Mayuri (Chidiya Ghar) with aplomb before. She may be just what the doctor ordered for Vish.

Sana is the typical female lead. Let’s see what she can add to her character. I am most excited about what Krish can bring to the table.

All said and done, the job is cut out for producers, Peninsula Pictures. They will really have to up the game, for Colors’ numbers need to go north, ASAP. But as they say, one good show can always change the game. I have seen a few sparks of brilliance. Now let’s hope that the janta janardhan too agrees with me. Touch wood.

Peninsula Pictures helmed by Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez know the art of delivering good-content shows. So best of luck to them…

3/5 is our rating for Vish.

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