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Vish 24 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Alia feels sorry for doubting her brother and takes help of Neelkanth.

Vish 24 June 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Alia seeks Neelkanth’s help

Today’s Vish 24 June episode starts with Sabrina thinking to keep a jug of glycerine in her pack as she would require it in coming days and water wouldn’t help.  She would prefer not to miss getting Vishera on account of Sid. Vishera stood outside the entryways of Kothari Mansion.  He screamed that he was there and said that their round of find stowaway was over and he entered inside as well. Sabrina paid her phony regards to Sid. She supposed she wouldn’t most likely act any longer. She was late. She should discover Vishera before he harmed her more. Alia thought her worry was real and had a favorable opinion of her. Such individuals were uncommon to discover. Sabrina sat by Alia. They saw Aditya bringing Mohit on his wheelchair there. Alia and Aditya took a look at one another for a moment. Mohit was stunned to see Sid’s dead body. He began shaking.

Sabrina figured Aditya couldn’t see her in harmony. Mohit could see his future in Sid. He would likewise meet a similar destiny very soon. Savant ji offered charnamrit to Sabrina. She supposed it was a threat and poured it in a vase. Vishera took a glance at her. She made her hold up a great deal and decided to kidnap her today. The worker handed Sabrina a glass of water. She found the taste peculiar and her throat began consuming. Flashback indicated Vishera blending charnamrit in her glass. The nectar would consume the toxic substance inside her. Her face couldn’t be covered up any longer. Alia and Aditya casted a look at one another. Savant ji reported a two moment quiet for Sid.

Sabrina began feeling awkward. She saw Vishera sitting in the midst of the visitors. Vishera supposed she was caught. Sabrina realized she will set aside some effort to recuperate. She should remain outside till at that point. She surged out. Vishera supposed she won’t surrender effectively. Sid’s eyes opened up. He shook appallingly observing his condition and acknowledged it was Sabrina’s doing. Aditya ventured forward to offer his regard to Sid. Mohit tumbled from his seat. Aditya and Alia helped him sit on his wheelchair once more. Their hands contacted all the while. Mana Ki murmured. ‘Yaar Nahi’ played out of sight as Aditya and Alia traded a long eye lock.

Their past gatherings streaked out of sight. Vishera pondered where Sabrina must be. Bugs slithered over Sabrina when she ventured outside. Vishera had made her life hellfire. She saw the driver gazing at her in stun. His hands were shaking severely. She said he was such a faithful driver. She would feel tormented to see him dead. He muttered that he didn’t see anything. She said she saw him seeing her like that however, She guaranteed she will make it simple for her. She slaughtered him utilizing her toxic substance and strolled back inside all typical. Vishera took a gander at her. It was great that she went ahead. She mumbled that she wasn’t apprehensive about his dangers. He requested that he came herself. She guaranteed him that she would meet him this evening in Vishloka. He concurred that she should come. She grinned. Alia inquired as to whether he can hear them. She asked him to squint his eyes. Aditya guaranteed his sibling all was well. He advised Alia to ensure nothing happened to his Bhai. He told Alia that she had his support all throughout and not to worry. Alia felt bad for suspecting him for murdering people. She wondered if she will find her answer.

Aditya was standing on the gallery. Alia remained alongside him. She enlightened him concerning Mohit’s condition. It resembled trance state however Mohit Sir was conscious. He can likewise feel everything to a limited degree yet he couldn’t respond.  By one way or another vibe it wasn’t a direct result of a characteristic event but since of a toxin. He said he felt Sabrina was in charge of it. She called him off-base. She cared for Mohit Sir to such an extent. She saw something dark shading in Sid’s eyes. She stopped mid sentence while discussing her dad. This was identified with that poison. She was taking Sir to medical clinic. The pontoon stopped unexpectedly. She saw such huge numbers of creepy crawlies on her way back. She took one back with her yet it just vanished. It was a peculiar thing. He again faulted Sabrina. She saw no purpose for it. He shared that they know nothing about her. She came in their life all of a sudden.

Her sibling chose to wed her one day without asking him. He could never say as much. Maybe she has had him. Till now no doc could talk about this ailment. She said she truly didn’t have the foggiest idea how to trust it. Her sense disclosed to her that things weren’t as they appear to bet here. It was doubtlessly a direct result of that puzzling toxic substance. She will get some answers concerning it. He revealed to her she won’t have the option to. Till now he couldn’t discover what happened to Bhai. He didn’t have the foggiest idea of how she will succeed. She said perhaps God can demonstrate to them a way. He left without saying anything. She glanced back at the sanctuary. Alia teared open the lock of Shiv ji’s sanctuary. She reviewed what the driver had disclosed to her it. Nobody went there. Despite everything, she headed inside. She has heard that one can come here just when they called them. She shouted to him from the heart and he heard her. She said he was Neelkanth who drank the toxic substance of the world. No one but get can get the toxin out of her life. She sought help to discover who was in charge of Mohit Sir’s condition, of her Dad and Sid’s demise. She question Aditya yet She felt he was experiencing a similar torment as her. It was just him who could let her know from where it had surfaced. If it’s not too much trouble demonstrate to her a way. The chimes began ringing. The wind blew and the fiery debris kept before the Shivlinga got spread all over. She had a thought. The written update of 24 June 2019 Vish episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Vish, watch Sabrina and Vishera confront each other and use their powers on each other.

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