Roop Director asks Donal and Shashank to bury the hatchet?

The major differences between Donaland Shashank on the set of Roop have indeed forced the production house to do something about it. Read the update here.

Roop Director asks Donal and Shashank to bury the hatchet?

The alleged mutual animosity between Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop lead actors, Donal Bisht and Shashank Vyas, which has dominated media headlines, is beginning to irk the production house (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms). And apparently, director Pawan Malhotra has asked them to bury the hatchet in the interest of the show.

Readers will remember that the equation between Donal and Shashank has been the subject of much speculation. The two even had a public spat over a scene. It is also rumoured that Donal’s boyfriend, Prateek Shah, was the director of Shashank’s prior show, and things were not good between them.

However, when we called up Donal, she denied any such news, saying, “Yes, Pawanji and Rashmi did talk to both of us, but not to tick us off. Rather, they were happy with our work. I really wonder why someone is out to continuously malign us. Much ado is being made over a small creative difference that had happened a long time back.”

Interestingly, when we asked her about their equation, rather than saying that we are good friends, Donal quipped, “We are professionals who do what is required of us. But there is great on-screen chemistry between us, which is being loved by the fans. Why is no one talking about that as well?”

However, our sources maintain that things are indeed bad between them and both parties privately accuse the other of leaking the news to the media.

Also, the director did ask them to call a truce. We also tried reaching out to Shashank who is out of town to celebrate his birthday which falls today. Our attempts to reach out to Pawanji also came to nought.

All this surely doesn’t augur well for the show, as there is unconfirmed buzz about the show also being under the scanner. Donal also denied that the channel is unhappy with the numbers.

We hope time resolves things for both Shashank and Donal!!

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