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Sachin Tyagi revisits his passion for singing in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta.

Sachin Tyagi’s ‘soulful’ rendition for Yeh Rishta!!

It’s a rarity in the entertainment industry today to find actors who are able singers too!!

Talented actor Sachin Tyagi is certainly an exception!!

Sachin is a class-performer capable of doing any strong role with utmost ease!! Apart from being well-versed in acting, Sachin has always been passionate about music.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Sachin Tyagi who is a trained singer has earlier won the singing reality show Jhoom India on Sahara One.

And now, Sachin has gone on to render a soulful number in his show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the successful and long-running Director’s Kut show on Star Plus.

‘Chookar Mere Man Ko…’, the evergreen Kishore Kumar number is what Sachin has attempted to sing.

In the story line, Manish Goenka, his character has been angry and has had fights with his wife Suvarna (Parul Chauhan). However, after realizing the sacrifice she has made, he sings in praise of his wife on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. talked to Sachin to know of this opportunity wherein he revisited his talent.

Sachin shared his thoughts with us, “Well, the idea to make me sing was completely of the creatives. They know that I can sing. I recorded the song in the recording studio as I wanted to give it the best shot. I have always had a liking for singing. I was very happy that they utilized me for this. In fact, I have earlier sung a song for Rajanji’s Tere Sheher Main. Rajanji always taps such talents and I was excited to sing.”

Sachin confided a fact in us, “Earlier I used to sing a lot. However, with acting coming to the fore, the passion to sing had been side-lined a bit. But it had never faded away. I keep singing for my wife now (smiles). On a serious note, after I sung for the song, I was in such a happy mood for three days. I also realized that somewhere in me, I like singing more than acting.”

Gear up for this soulful number in Yeh Rishta very soon!! And for Sachin, may you get many such opportunities to entertain your fans with both your acting and singing capabilities!!

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