Sudha Chandran mourns the death of her Naagin make-up man, Pravin Yadav

Sudha Chandran recollects the manner in which talented make-up man Pravin Yadav gave her the look in Naagin and mourns his death.

Sudha Chandran mourns the death of her Naagin make-up man, Pravin Yadav

Versatile actress Sudha Chandran is sad and shocked at the passing away of her ace make-up man during her Naagin days, Pravin Yadav.

Pravin, a young lad of just 24 years was the make-up guy for Sudha during her successful stints in Naagin 1 and Naagin 2.

Pravin had gone to Banaras to meet his family. He was travelling on road to one of his relative’s place in Banaras when he met with a road accident. He succumbed yesterday.

We talked to Sudha Chandran who said, “Yes, Pravin was so young and very talented. He had a brain injury and was in hospital for 6 days. The doctors tried to revive him, but could not. Yesterday, he passed away.”

Recollecting her great Naagin days, when she was appreciated for her make-up and dressing, she spoke, “Pravin was a new guy when he was into Naagin. He grew big in no time. People loved my Naagin look and all the credit goes to Pravin. He later started working personally with actors and even got into films. He had become big in about three years. He was very young and had not seen anything of life. He met me twenty days back and used to tell me about the new products available in the market. It feels so bad to see his wings getting chopped when he was flying so high in life. It is a huge loss. Let his soul rest in peace. May all his dreams get fulfilled in another body. That’s what I pray for him.”

Too young to fade way… May Pravin’s soul rest in peace..

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