Colors’ Naagin 6 produced by Balaji Telefilms emerges at a time when we are seeing continued trouble coming from the different variants of the mahamari, Covid -19. And this certainly makes for the broad concept of Naagin 6!! This time, the Sarvashresth Shesh Naagin is brought out of its hiding to save the Nation from the pandemic trouble caused by the neighbouring land of Chingistan!!

So what’s new this time around? Well, thankfully it is not a ‘badla’ for love that a Naagin takes. We have seen this concept being overused on TV and we are happy that we are spared of this now. The Naagin here cannot even see its enemies in its eye, and there is a lot of science (oh, la grey matter) involved in this identification process. Also, the Naagin here is more glamorous (stylish in accent too, if we can say that) and in fact does not even have the Indian looks in her!!

Getting deeper into the concept, there is a professor, played by Manit Joura who is exasperated at the fact that the Nation will have a widespread mahamari with the emergence of the year 2020. He calls in for a round table conference of saints, aghoris and the learned people from all over. But when they refuse to believe him, he is helpless. The scene later shifts to the scientists in Chingistan, the neighbouring land preparing a deadly poison that will spread like wildfire in people. They make it all the more dangerous for the sample of poison that will be used against India. Well, the result is that the mahamari is spreading wide and large, resulting in the death of people. The professor is called upon again, by the same learned clan and they come up with the solution to the problem. The solution is to bring to life the Sarvashresth Shesh Naagin and make her identify the 20 asurs who will have to be killed before the Amrit Manthan can bring about the needed purity.

Mahekk Chahal, the Naagin is brought amid a very dramatic sequence. Well, the usage of patriotism in this scene was totally out-of-place. The Naagin gets convinced when technology help is rendered to her by the professor to find out the culprits and anti-nationals who have harmed the Nation.

We are later introduced to Pratha, played by Tejasswi Prakash who is a simple girl who wants to secure her father by having a good job. Tejasswi looks extremely pretty in this simpleton avatar. But there is nothing much alarming about her characterization as of now. We wonder why Pratha needs to run so much in the show. There have been nearly 5-6 scenes where Pratha is shown to run instead of merely walk, and this is for no reason at all.

We also get to see the Son of the Nation, Rishabh played by Simba Nagpal who is an army man with great respect for his Nation. His introductory scene again is outlandish with him saving the Indian flag from falling down.

The story thereafter in the first weekend sees Pratha meeting Rishabh when she saves him and his brother. Rishabh and Pratha have bumped into the Naagin turned security head on many occasions. While the Nation’s secret lies in Pratha’s bag (in the form of a half-torn letter), it will be interesting to see how Rishabh gets to know of it.

Well, though the picturization of the Shesh Naagin coming out, the accident sequence, the introductory sequence of the Professor and his challenges have been shot well, we have not seen the powerful and gripping scenes of the Naagin yet on the show.

Coming to performances, Manit Joura, as the Professor on the lines of Money Heist, looks apt for the role. Tejasswi looks perfect in the simpleton look. Simba Nagpal looks a bit out of place, in this Naagin land. We hope he finds his footing soon!! Mahekk Chahal, is totally different from the kind of gorgeous beauties we have had till now as the Naagins. She herself appears to have come from a neighbouring country and does not look anything close to being desi.

The cast seen around has a lot of younger generation characters, it is one messy pudding out there!! Sudha Chandran and Urvashi Dholakia as of now look like characters that need to be watched out for!!

Well, certainly, this edition of Naagin lacks the power that it usually possesses!! Having said this, the cult show that Naagin is, has never been ignored by the masses.

Considering all that we saw and understanding the potential that the cult show usually comes with, we credit the show with 2.5 stars out of 5.