Yeh Teri Galliyan street fight sequence leaves Lavin Gothi with an injured shoulder

Lavin Gothi who plays Ridoy in Yeh Teri Galliyan has injured his shoulder in a street fight sequence.

Yeh Teri Galliyan street fight sequence leaves Lavin Gothi with an injured shoulder

Zee TV show Yeh Teri Galliyan (Cinevista) is going through a riveting track wherein the love stories of Shantanu (Avinash Mishra) and Ridoy (Lavin Gothi) have got complicated with Asmita (Vrushika Mehta) being sent out of the house.

Tonight’s episode will see a major twist wherein the jilted love story of Ridoy and Asmita will hit a rocky patch with Asmita asking Ridoy to forget her forever. And Ridoy will be so disturbed that he will yet again decide to punish himself.

We had written earlier of actor Lavin Gothi being obsessed as an actor to perform the stunt sequences himself.

And for yet another sequence that will be aired tonight, Lavin aka Ridoy will go ahead and challenge a street fighter to hit him so hard that he is pained all the more…

We hear that Lavin had earlier suffered a shoulder injury when he broke a glass bottle on set. He was then told by his doctor to stay away from stunts that would put his shoulder in action again.

However, Lavin went ahead to shoot for a risky fight sequence for this street fight scene which further damaged his shoulder.

As per a source, “Lavin got so very excited to perform this street fight scene that he did not care much for his troubled shoulder. He went ahead to shoot the scene which required him to get bruised with blood all over. And now the result is that Lavin has been asked to wear a support for his shoulder for some time.”


Seems like we have a performer to the core in Lavin Gothi!!

We buzzed Lavin but could not get through to him.

Watch this stunning fight sequence in Yeh Teri Galliyan tonight, that left Lavin wounded!!


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