Gaurav Banerjee speaks on the success of Aarya, the web series

Aarya is a smashing hit: Gaurav Banerjee

It takes a special occasion for Gaurav Banerjee to meet and interact with the press.

Elusive but energetic, Gaurav, likes to pop the bubbly when it matters and for him to matter, it has to be a conquest of Aonian proportions.

From a journo to a top boss at Star India, Gaurav is one of the pillars shaping the content skyline of the media and entertainment business in India, empowering it with innovative ideas thus taking it to entertaining & engaging newer heights.

“Aarya is a smashing hit,” beamed Gaurav during the OST launch of the above-mentioned show, a definite jewel in the crown of Disney Hotstar original content line up and could very well be termed as one of the web classics in Indian web entertainment space with the ranks of Mirzapur, Sacred Games, Bose, TVF Pitchers, Little Things among others.

Aarya, weaved by Ram Madhvani and powered by the ever dynamic Sushmita Sen, enchantingly welcomes you to its world of compelling storytelling, coaxing you to binge-watch, one episode after another, becoming one with the plot’s core sentiments, hungrier for more and more like a parched admirer of good art.

“The initial response has been phenomenal. The team has managed to make the adaptation really well. It is tougher to adapt because you have to stay true to the original yet put the soul of India into it. I am a big fan of the project. Sushmita has given a phenomenal performance; I believe one of the best in her body of work. Ram Madhvani and team are brilliant and Aarya is testimony to the fact that we are here to change the landscape of digital storytelling.”

So how did the dream shape up?

“Well, we have been trying to make it since 2014 and we were made to wait due to certain logistics issues. However, I was always convinced that Aarya is a story for the TV and digital watching audience. I am a big fan of Godfather and as Star, we tell a lot of women-centric stories. On top of that the project had Ram Madhvani as the captain, so I knew everyone was going to fall in place. Its music also is phenomenal.”

Here, Gaurav shared an interesting anecdote: “We met at Ram’s home and we locked the idea while eating some delicious samosas, well… it was that easy (smiles).”

Aarya has earned the love of both fans and critics alike and viewers are craving for season 2.

So is it on its way anytime soon? When Sushmita asked this to Gaurav, the man of the moment answered: “I have been a journalist, so I know when to dodge the ball at the right time. As of now, let’s celebrate all the good things about Aarya season 1.”

While Gaurav signed off on that note, Sushmita flashing her pearlies said, “Bengali diplomacy zindabad”, as the house burst into laughter.

A happy moment post job well done.

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