Anurag Basu may be the hearthrrob of the town but at home he is the obedient and caring son of Mohini and Moloy Basu.

What makes Kasautii Zindagii Kay’s Anurag an ideal son

Ask your parents to watch Kasautii Zindagii Kay after you have been notorious, and the character of Anurag will definitely make them fall in love with you again. Because there is simply nothing about that man that anyone could ever despise. He is loving, caring and most of all he gives time to his parents.

In Ekta Kapoor’s reboot version of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Parth Samthaan plays the role of Anurag Basu and we know he is the perfect child of Mohini Basu, and if you’ve watched the serial then you’ll know she openly calls him her favorite kid too!

Kasautii Zindagi Kay’s Anurag is actually setting up an example of how to be an ideal son with his mannerisms, humbleness and his forever attempts to remove time for his parents, from his busy schedule. Especially in today’s time it is very important for a person to know that their parents raise them by struggling in their own life and Anurag not only appreciates that but is also taking his father’s business ahead, like the perfect son.

It is the responsibility of kids to give time to their ageing parents and to take care of them. This particular role of Parth Samthaan is making the goodness of customs and kindness return back to reality, when many other shows are portraying hatred or quarrelling children and parents.

Ekta Kapoor, who is the most famous name in the Indian television world, has again succeeded in creating a very good show and hitting the right chords with the audience. We are totally convinced with the adorable and sexy Anurag Basu who is the Most Desirable Man of Kolkata but in Basu Baadi he is the perfect obedient son who understands, respects and takes care of his family.

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