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The no-makeup look of Jennifer Winget is better than her makeup look

Jennifer Winget’s casual no-makeup look

Jennifer Winget may be quite the sizzling diva she is on screen with her cat eyes and petite face, but just like any of us, off-screen, Winget stays humble and simple and here is the revelation time.

With makeup, she looks fiery hot and without she is as sweet as a sugar. In this picture of hers, she has her hair pulled back in a pony with a sweet wide smile on her face.

If someone still manages to look sweet after all that, shouldn’t she be considered a plain beauty? You can see the difference between Jennifer Winget with and without makeup.

Tanning her skin a bit, Jennifer Winget is seen in nude style with no makeup here. She looks radiant and fresh as she poses for the camera, holding her pretty flower bouquet. She pays a lot of attention to her health, fitness and beauty regime, as seen on her Instagram.

Here is another one of Jennifer Winget’s no-makeup look. This snap was clicked before Winget started her shoot. The actor looks great with her usual bold makeup but looks even better without it.

After looking at her pictures you would feel that Jennifer is one of those people who can confidently carry themselves without makeup. She has changed quite a lot from her previous pictures but there has not been a single time when she did not impress us all.

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