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Here we present more reasons to watch famous television show Beyhadh 2

Top reasons Beyhadh 2 deserves more love from us

Popular TV serial Beyhadh 2 has kickstarted from December 2, 2019. Since the inception of Beyhadh 2, the audience and fans of the series have been eagerly waiting to see Maya aka Jennifer Winget’s darker shade.

For the unversed, Jennifer’s character Maya is popular among the audience for her obsession. In the last season, Maya broke all the limits in the name of love, and for this season, Maya will follow her footsteps, but this time in the name of hate.

In a few previous episodes, the viewers have witnessed the cruel and innocent Maya at the same time.
We have seen Maya murdering Rishi and at the same time, how helpless she feels while doing that. Apart from that, Maya has developed a strong connection with Rudra too. Over a series of incidents, Rudra has managed to grab a soft corner in Maya’s heart. The chemistry between the duo has excited the audience.

After their intimate scene, Rudra felt that Maya doesn’t deserve him. To avoid the pain of love, he eventually ends up proposing Ananya. Meanwhile, when he tried to talk about it to Maya, their eyes spoke volumes. Without addressing their feeling directly, the duo tried to hide their feelings.

Some more reasons to watch Beyhadh 2 are:

Jennifer aka Maya has an agenda and we would like to know what is it?
Rudra and Maya’s chemistry is refreshing.
Dialogues are so well written.
Shivin is playing an entirely different character.
Finally, for Jennifer Winget, she is a phenomenal actress, and we can’t get over her style!
Maya’s dictionary.

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