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5 gorgeous actresses’ will mesmerize audiences as the play debuts in Delhi!

Felicity Theatre presents ‘Selfie’ starring Kishwer Merchantt, Shweta Gulati, Priya Mallik, Dimple Shah and Tanaaz Irani

The leading theatre production company Felicity Theatre will stage the extraordinary entertainer, “Selfie”, Directed by the multi faceted film, television and theatre actor, Tanaaz Irani. Starring five gorgeous, vivacious women, the cast includes film and television stars Kishwar Merchant, Shweta Gulati, Priya Mallik, Dimple Shah and Tanaaz Irani herself . With this power packed all women star cast , be prepared for some awesome wit, some biting satire, a huge dose of gut-wrenching drama and of course, some full-throated laughter, as these strong, sexy women lead you on an unforgettable journey in this super exciting play. Selfie promises to mesmerize audiences for the first time in New Delhi with its debut performance on Saturday, 16th June at Kamani Auditorium.

Tanaaz Irani, Director Says ‘’Selfie is all about how you see yourself and how you project yourself to others. It’s you without any filters without color correction, just plain and simple you! Directing this play at the level that I did was a dream come true and it wouldn’t have been possible without this dream cast’’. Rahul Bhuchar, Producer and MD, Felicity Theatre added ‘’Producing Selfie with five absolutely talented stars was extremely energetic and the atmosphere was completely charged. Check this one out, it’s going to be worth every single minute.’’

‘Selfie’’s narrative revolves around one fateful evening in a ladies waiting room at a remote railway station where five interesting women find their lives intersecting with cathartic consequences. Dolly Sodawaterbottleopenerwala (Tanaaz Irani), a middle-aged nurse and home-maker with a ready wit and acidic tongue, finds that the perfect world she thinks she lives in may not be so perfect after all. Madhuri Kulkarni (Dimple Shah), a good-natured, IT professional in her late thirties, realizes that all her superficial sweetness and bonhomie may not hide the fact that her one decision, that isn’t really even hers, may slowly be destroying her from within. Paramjit Chaddha (Kishwer Merchant), an excitable, vivacious much-married woman, hides some very important secrets and chooses to give her conscience the benefit of doubt in the pursuit of pleasure, is she right? Ayesha Kapoor (Priya Malik), the hottest, most alluring thing on television, has the world eating from her hand. At the top of her career, what worrying reason has sent her to this god-forsaken waiting room? Pooja (Shweta Gulati), incredibly articulate and well-spoken, this feisty young company manager should have everything to live for, but does she? All questions will be answered in Selfie a play that mirrors our need to be perfect like the all-important ‘Selfie’. Blemishes must be hidden, flaws must be air-brushed and the real hard truth has no place in our quest to be picture perfect. But truth always does get in the way as you will soon find out.

This is one blockbuster entertainer that you can’t afford to miss, as five stunning women brimming with energy and real life stories will keep you gripped to your seat all through the performance.

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