A blue sky and the angels singing, is how parents want to welcome their little ones into this world and why wouldn’t they, it’s what they’ve been dreaming about for 9 months now. With these changing times, here is how celebrity parents are surrounding their babies with a cocoon of hope and positivity with warm messages straight from the heart

Mahhi Vij:

A mom who welcomed her little angel just last year, expressed her appreciation towards mothers who are soon going to give birth. Sharing a heartfelt post on Instagram, the actress said, “I appreciate all the pregnant women who have delivered or going to deliver, just know that you all are super strong.. The year 2020 is going to be a memorable one for all the parents, to tell our kids how they were born and what the situations were when they were inside their mumma’s tummy! To all the brave women I wish each and everyone all the luck, love and happiness. And one positive thing about Covid 19 for us would be that we are so busy with Tara with playing and taking care of her that we don’t get bored at all unlike others. We are totally enjoying this quality time with our little one and all our loved ones.”The message for sure was warm and honest one straight from a mother’s heart.

Kunal Kemmu:

Kunal Khemu has been delighting us with stories of how he’s keeping his little daughter busy amidst the lockdown. From kid-friendly workouts to art projects to peeling green peas, his little one is indeed spending quality time with her dad. We all know that Kunal prides himself in being a fun parent and it’s during uncertain times like these that kids need that comfort and care the most. The actor recently shared a warm message of love and support for his daughter and new parents-to-be. “It is during times like these that I am in absolute awe of the resilience faced by parents who are welcoming their babies into the world during these unprecedented times, more power to you! Sharing a post on Instagram, he added “I still remember the first time I held my daughter in my arms and had an instant feeling of wanting to protect her. As I looked at her, I promised her happiness and joy! I loved this film by Pampers India – #WelcomeToTheWorld It reminds us all that we need to be better today to give a better tomorrow to our little ones.”

Suresh & Priyanka Raina:

As they welcomed their second baby into this world during a pandemic, the happy couple shared the feeling of happiness and joy they felt holding their little one.. In fact, Priyanka spoke about the emotions she went through while delivering her baby along with the need to keep him protected. In a recent post on Instagram Suresh Raina shared, “Happy & healthy parents, raise happy & healthy children. Lockdown has taught us various ways to strengthen the bond & love each other in unusual ways.” The couple also expressed heartfelt gratitude towards doctors and nurses who made her feel comfortable, at home, and at ease during this beautiful phase. Their message was filled with hope and strength they intended to pass on to other parents going through the same, especially the assurance of the world fighting for you and working long hours to keep you and the baby safe.

Ruslaan Mumtaz:

Ruslaan known for his roles from movies like MP3, Teree Sang, etc. has recently become a daddy himself.  The proud dad warms our hearts with pictures of the little one ‘chotta baby’ on Instagram and we feel the joy. He also shared the hope that birthed in his heart that babies born during this uncertain time are here for a reason and the wish of making this world an even better place than it already is for parents and kids.