Ravi Dubey in a never-before-seen avatar.

Sabse Smart Kaun? – If you’re Akalmand… you’ll become Daulatmand… Rozaana!

There is something very interesting about the human brain – everyone has it, but the ones who genuinely use it are called ‘Smart’! 

STAR Plus is all set to celebrate the people, who use their common sense in everyday life, by giving them an opportunity to win big money through its forthcoming show, Sabse Smart Kaun? What’s more… people can win, even sitting in the comfort of their homes!

The very first sneak-peek of the show will launch on May 12th with host Ravi Dubey in a never-before-seen, quirky avatar, claiming “Ameer banna… ab aapke haath hai”.

Watch Sabse Smart Kaun? Coming soon only on STAR Plus

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