Abhay Vakil has smartly merged cricket and religion for Ganpati festival

Abhay Vakil hits the ball out of the park with his unique Ganpati celebration

Talented and handsome performer Abhay Vakil is a creative soul and his willingness to innovate finds resonance in the Indian festivals as well.

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most revered and celebrated occasions in Maharashtra (majorly) and Abhay has always been inventive in his vein of living the festival.

Last year he envisioned and sculpted his Ganpati as a film director, symbolizing the guiding force in everyone’s life.

This year too he has displayed his creative streak by envisioning Ganesh as an Opening Batsman, thus merging cricket and religion.

He shares with IndianWikiMedia, “Cricket is a religion in India and religion brings in the biggest festival of Mumbai, that’s Ganesh Chaturthi, hence to have Ganesh as the OPENING BATSMAN was apt as usually people take His name before all others in any kind of commencement or beginning of new venture.”

Indeed, noble thought.

He further shares: “I like to be different as God too would like a unique avatar for Himself rather than the usual one. And you are always noticed when you are different.”

Agree to that.    The idea is Abhay’s and Kunal Dhanawade is the sculptor who gave shape to the idea.

We wish all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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