The actors choreographed whole dance sequence themselves.

Actors turned choreographers on &TV’s Agnifera

&TV’s Agnifera saw romance at its best when both the couples Anurag – Ragini and Shristi -Vishesh were seen dancing close to each other on the famous Bollywood track ‘Janam Janam’ from the movie Dilwale. As the cast celebrated Anurag’s birthday on the show, the actors took the celebration too seriously. Excited about the sequence, the actors choreographed whole dance sequence themselves.

As per the sources, when the actors came to know about the dance sequence, they requested the creative to let them choreograph the whole act.  While all of them were engulfed in the performance, they also made sure they were helping each other with the dance steps. The whole act came as a beautiful package and everyone on the set was amused to see that.

Talking about the same Yukti, said, “We had an absolute blast shooting this sequence. It was slightly challenging for the four of us to be in sync, but we managed just fine. I’m looking forward to seeing the audiences’ take on our performance and hopefully if they like it, we’re all going to convince our director to give us more opportunities to pull off more such dance sequences.”

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