Akshay Mhatre shifts to Naigaon near Indiawaali Maa's set

Akshay Mhatre shifts his base for Indiawaali Maa

Sony Entertainment’s latest offering Indiawaali Maa depicts this beautiful journey of a Mother and her son. Rohan and Kaku’s relationship too will witness its own set of ups and downs but when Rohan needs help, her mother will never hesitate to be his strongest pillar of support.

It revolves around the love of a mother for her son brings forth the message that you are never too old to need your mother and can always reach out to her for help. Akshay Mhatre, who is a known face in the television industry, has been roped in to play a pivotal role in the show. His character is that of a carefree boy who struggles to face his problems and does not really reach out to anyone to handle them himself.

On playing Rohan Akshay shares that, “Indiawaali Maa is special for me and I consider it as my top priority Even because the shoot location is 50kms away from my home, therefore I shifted to Naigaon so that I can give my traveling hours to my practice and give 100% for the role.”

Adding further to this, he said, “Although it’s tough for me to stay away from my mother but just like Indiawaali Maa she’s so particular about my health and my growth, and so she only suggested me this idea of shifting near sets and actually it is helping me a lot.”