Arishfa Khan, is one of the top stars to watch out for. But, her eye for the correct fashion look has made the town buzz again. 

Arishfa Khan’s tips for glam makeup

Arishfa Khan, the 18 year old social media sensation, is at it again. Her social media accounts and her deeply entrenched following has been a key part of her success. Her account on TikTok has gained a lot of traction over the past year or so. This popularity is obviously because of her ability to tap into the right pulse of the audiences. This is a talent that one picks up through years of being in the industry and learning from people who’ve been there for a long time. But, another major part of her popularity is of course her beauty. Her knowledge of makeup and enhancing her beauty is so deep and important to her progress that it often gets overlooked.

She is very good at knowing which parts of her face need to be highlighted and which shouldn’t. This is something that she highlighted recently in one of her interviews. She explained that being a social media influencer and a model in the public is something that requires you to be extremely self-aware. And, on top of that, she also highlighted the importance of research in her success as a model – watching videos and different types of makeup videos and tutorials that can help you get innovative and creative with your abilities.

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