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Here's your answer to how Maya from season 2 is different from season 1

Beyhadh 1 vs Beyhadh 2: Which is your favorite Maya’s character?

The lead character Maya, essayed by actor Jennifer Winget, is considered as the life of the series Beyhadh. Many dialogues from season 1 of Beyhadh were also loved and are still remembered by fans. Amidst the hype
of the second season, Jennifer has been giving insights into her character Maya.

Jennifer Winget is back as Maya in Beyhadh 2. Maya is much darker now. She has come with an agenda. She was always focused, but this time it’s to the next level.

Beyhadh Season 1 had Maya as an obsessive lover. We compared the previous season with the new
one and concluded that the two are quite different from each other. Beyhadh 2 is different from
Beyhadh Season 1. Season 1’s story has ended and Season 2 has started and the only character that
is the same is Maya.

In Beyhadh Season 1, Maya was obsessive but things were situational. She was reacting to love and
new people were coming into her life. But this time she has come with a plan, an agenda and she has to
accomplish the mission by hook or by crook.

In season 1, Maya always went with the flow and planned her deeds according to the on-going situations. However, this time Maya has pre-planned everything and she is also a step ahead of her enemies. Maya has her eyes on all the characters and their moves.

She has gone from white to black. First, it was love now it is hate.
The viewers who have watched season 1 show empathy for Maya as she has struggled in her childhood.
Maya Mehrotra’s story started with her hatred towards her dad Ashwin Mehrotra and ended with the
love for Arjun Sharma. But Maya Jaisingh’s story has started with revenge.

So which character of Maya did you liked the most…season 1 or season 2?

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