Bhavika shot an intense and a risky scene in Jiji Maa

Bhavika Sharma pulls off a risky stunt scene on a 150 ft above crane

Bhavika Sharma who plays Niyati in Jiji Maa recently gave the most thrilling and scary shot of her life while shooting for a kidnapping sequence. Niyati is trapped by the kidnappers and in order to escape she makes an attempt to run away. The kidnappers then level up and hang her mid-air, 150 feet above ground with hands and mouth tied to leave no scope for her to escape.

This is the first time she was shooting such an intense and a risky scene which required a lot of courage to perform as Bhavika fears height. Hanging from a crane at 150 feet with hands and mouth tied and the saree freely flowing with the air was surely a big physical and mental challenge for the actress.

Expressing her excitement Bhavika says “Looking at the crane and then imagining myself hanging at that height from the ground made me feel like I am not coming back. I was scared as well as excited at the same time. After all it was something that I had never experienced before. I am very grateful that I was able to pull the scene off without any issues and I got to experience such an adrenaline gush. It was not less than any adventure.”

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