Naagin the cult supernatural show on Colors has been immensely loved by one and all. Here is a Naagin Quiz for all of its lovers.

Big Fan Of Naagin: Take This Difficult Quiz

Naagin the cult supernatural show is presently in its fourth successful season and we must say, it has been a joyous spooky ride with the show for all the fans associated with the show.

The show has been a flagship bearer for Colors with respect to its weekend band and has been an immense hit. The best part is that a lot of memes get created on the show, there are many people criticizing the show, but the fact is that people can never stay away from watching it!!

The show is also heralded for being one of the most consistent shows over all the seasons with respect to its ratings. All the seasons have managed to hit the top with numbers.

Now, for all the lovely Naagin lovers out there, here is a relatively tough set of questions for you to answer.

Are you all ready to take the quiz on Naagin?

Here you go!!

What was the date when the first episode of Naagin’s first edition was aired?

Do you know the first week ratings of the first edition of Naagin?

Do you remember the first scene between Shivanya and Ritik?

In which episode was the Mahismati clan revealed?

How many memorable Bela-Mahir moments do you remember? (If you remember at least 10 romantic moments of the two, hats off to you)

What was the major revelation in Season 3’s last episode?

How many years did Manyata live without the Naagin powers after marrying Keshav?

What is the first scene wherein Brinda and Dev came face to face?

Now answer them!!

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