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Shehnaz advices Madhurima to ignore Vishal in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz advices Madhurima to ignore Vishal

Bigg Boss is one show where relations and emotions hold a lot of importance and can give you that upper hand, but only if you use it your advantage. In the latest clip from Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Shehnaz is seen giving a valuable advice to Madhurima who is currently facing major issues with her ex Vishal.

In the conversation, an outspoken Shehnaz suggests Madhurima, ‘Sabar rakh, ex ke pass nahi jaana chahiye.’ Responding to Shehnaz’s concern, Madhurima mentions ‘Kya hai na ex ka woh abhi tak khatam hi nahi hua tha.’
Shehnaz here points out ‘Jo ex hote hai na woh ex hi hote hain. Ex kabhi tumhara present nahi ban sakta. Woh cheezein kabhi bhi theek nahi ho paati chah ke bhi. Firse wahi problems create hoti hain.’

Giving a reality check to Madhurima, Shehnaz further suggests, ‘Move on ho life main, respect him jitna time yaha par hai. Zyada se zyada ignore karo, that’s it kyuki jo ex hai woh ex hi rehte hain’. Shehnaz goes on to talk about Vishal’s claim of not feeling comfortable around Madhurima and their spooky conversation. Shehnaz doesn’t stop here and continues ‘Kyun kisise sun na ki mujhe discomfort ho raha hai. Tu ladki hai yaar, khudki hai ek self-respect rakho. Agar tujhe comfortable feel nahi ho raha, jo bhi woh kar raha hai, who apne dil mein rakh batane ki zaroorat nahi hai.’

Shehnaz being the teaser that she is also points out that Madhurima’s feelings for Vishal can be seen clearly but it’s not the other way around. Madhurima then blames Vishal for the whole argument and reveals ‘Arey usi ne bola tha baat karte hain raat main. Pehle din bola main nahi gayi, mujhe mann nahi kar raha tha.’ She further explains ‘Kal mera tha maine kaha chalo theek hai baat karte hain, abhi jab sath mein rehna hai kuch din toh baat karte hain. Toh fir usne woh baat kit oh maine kaha theek hai fir, mat karo, khatam karo.’ Extending best wishes to Madhurima, Shehnaz tells her ‘Tujhe pata hai kitne ladke milenge bahar, tu soch bhi nahi sakti. Aur acche wala milega, husband wali feeling milegi. Tujhe kya karna hai ex ke pass jaake. Aag lage exes ko.’

Later in the conversation, Shehnaz expresses that she wouldn’t care a damn if her ex was here but Madhurima mentions that to make peace with her present she needs closure so that she can also move on. Well, looks like the two aren’t done yet and this cold war of love and hate is not ending anytime soon.

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