Arishfa Khan, one of the foremost acting faces in the Indian television circuit, is loved by all. But here are some things you didn’t know about her.

If you have a crush on Arishfa Khan, here are 5 things you need to look at now

Arishfa Khan, the prolific and diligent actress, has been monumental in front of the camera over the last few years, because of her shows like Veera & Meri Durga. Her control over her acting skills is astonishing, to say the least. She has made a massive difference to the current television shows circuit, something few realise. The power in her personality is something that cannot be overlooked very easily. Another undeniable fact about her is that she has grown from an innocent looking girl into a mature looking woman. And her beauty is making people swoon. And who can blame them. This 16 year old’s metamorphosis is catching a lot of attention and so, here are some interesting facts to help you indulge.

(1) Arishfa was born and brought up in Mumbai.
(2) She studied at the Ryan International High School and has passed her Xth standard exam there.
(3) She is very fond of playing badminton.
(4) She loves eating Chinese food and Biryani.
(5) One of her favourite hobbies is dancing.

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