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During difficult times like these, we should be compassionate, especially towards animals”, says Zee TV’s Guddan

Ever since Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega saw a four-year leap at the start of the year, viewers witnessed a lot of drama in the lives of Guddan (Kanika Mann) and Akshat Jindal (Nishant Singh Malkani). In fact, Guddan and Kunal’s (Vishwanath Chanda) surprise wedding plan left everyone shocked, especially with Akshat going all out to stop the marriage. The audience was is in for another twist, but they were left at the edge of their seats when shoots came to a sudden halt due to the nationwide lockdown. With the show set to make a comeback soon, everyone is excited and so are the actors. Guddan a.k.a Kanika Mann has been spending time with her family in Panipat and is raring to get back to shooting.

But did you know, much like her on screen avatar of Guddan, Kanika Mann is a problem solver in real life too? She has always come to her friends and family’s rescue when they need help. However, there’s more to the tale as she recently turned saviour for a little birdie too! The actress saw an abandoned little birdie struggling to survive a few days ago and was very concerned about it. Hence, she rescued it, gave it the necessary medical attention and even fed it. However, she isn’t done yet! The actress has vowed to take care of it and help the bird heal. Compassion and empathy towards stray animals during such difficult times is practically the need of the hour, and Kanika, being the animal lover that she is, wants to help the little birdie get back to its feet and fly again.
Talking about rescuing the bird, Kanika Mann shared, “When I saw the little birdie injured and struggling to survive, I did not think twice and I immediately got it home. I provided it with the medical care it needed and I plan to keep it till it gets better. In fact, the bird has been healing gradually and is in much better shape now. My family, especially mother has grown too attached to it. She gives the bird a bath daily and even feeds it. We have fed it everything, from biscuits to fruits like watermelon, and the little birdie seems to be enjoying it. We have also given the birdie a cute name ‘Kwarantinee’. She further added, “I feel during difficult times like these, we should be compassionate not just to humans, but everyone and everything around, especially the animals, because they cannot speak. They need our love and care the most. I felt really sad seeing the bird in such a dreadful condition and I just had to take care of it. I intend to take care of the bird till it heals completely, and then I’ll set it free.”

Isn’t Kanika Mann the best? Well, watch her win your hearts on the small screen again as Guddan in Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, which will make a comeback on the channel pretty soon.

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