Kanishka Soni, well-known for her role as Pavitra Rishta in the television series, recently announced on social media that she had wed herself. A few days later, she uploaded a message on Instagram in which she responded to the trolls who were mocking her for choosing solitary marriage. She captioned her post, “I know you guys have been raising lots of questions on my self-marriage decision; I truly believe in Indian culture, and here is my POV; that’s why I chose to live in solitude.

Marriage is not about sex; it’s about the love and honesty one seeks, and I have lost that faith, so it’s better to live alone and love myself than to seek it in the outside world when it’s difficult to find, but thanks a lot for making my post on google trending and in the news though… it wasn’t my intention. It is a decision made by my full heart and soul with the fully conscious mind, and I am happy that I am in the USA now and focusing on my career.”

The actress uploaded a picture earlier this month in which she declared her self-marriage. She captioned her post, “Married to myself since I fulfilled all my dreams my own and the only person I am in love with is myself. Answer to all questions I am getting, I don’t need any man ever… I am happy always alone and in solitude with my guitar. I am the goddess, strong and powerful. Shiva and Shakti everything is inside me, Thank you.”

View Instagram Post 1: Kanishka Soni Marries Herself And Becomes India's Second Autogamy

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