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Times when Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi and Pragya came face-to-face

Kumkum Bhagya: 3 Times Abhi and Pragya came face-to-face

Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi and Pragya are Indian television’s one of the most popular and beloved couples. AbhiGya’s love is eternal. Their romance is proof that fairy tales do come true and they are a living example that two people love each other selflessly. The couple got separated a lot of times and then have reunited. We bring you three incidents when they came face-to-face

Remember King Singh (Mishal Raheja) gets angry with Abhi’s confession in the press conference and hits someone and gets arrested. Later, Pragya comes to save King Singh. She reaches the police station and coincidentally Abhi also reaches there. Abhi sees Pragya at the police station. He gets overwhelmed seeing Pragya and comes to meet her. Pragya confesses that King Singh is her husband. Pragya’s confession shocks Abhi and he takes his step back.

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Abhi and Pragya meet at a construction site. Abhi was stranded amidst the accident that happened at the site wherein all logs started to fall down. Pragya who was also there saw Abhi and the two of them saw each other before Abhi got hit by a log in the accident.

Later, Pragya goes to a party. Pragya may have come to Abhi’s party but their relationship is on the loose ground right now. Abhi thinks Pragya’s nephew Rishi is the reason that his niece, Priyanka committed suicide. Abhi finds it increasingly hard to forgive Pragya for supporting Rishi. Pragya is upset that Abhi fails to see that Rishi is innocent. They meet here as well.

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