Lavina Tandon has cut her hair short to look different in the post leap phase of the story line in Star Bharat’s Musakaan.

Lavina Tandon’s new look for Musakaan’s post leap phase

Talented actress Lavina Tandon who essays the role of Suzanne in Star Bharat’s show, Musakaan (Rashmi Sharma Productions) has recently given herself a hair cut in order to look different in the upcoming leap phase in the show.

Says Lavina, “I have cut my hair completely short. I had long hair and have for the first time in my acting career cut it short. I will look quite different from all my earlier shows. Costume-wise too, Suzanne will have a difference. I am looking forward to this major look change post the leap in Musakaan.”

Ask her about the storyline, and she says, “I have not shot much for the post leap story. I am still working on my look and costumes.”

“With Musakaan growing up, the story will now hit newer territories and the viewers will get to see more,” she adds.

As we know, Yesha Rughani and Ssharad Malhotra will play the lead of Musakaan in the post leap phase.

Best of luck, Lavina!!

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