The popular actor is on a mission and find out why by reading here..

Mishkat Varma is ‘motivated’ after being upset at himself!!

Mishkat Varma, the heart throb of many girls, is now on a mission!!

The actor who was last seen in SAB TV’s Icchapyaari Naagin had been disturbed, upset and disappointed at himself for all these months!!

The reason for this was that the actor felt he had put on so much weight that he felt he looked the worst!!


Says Mishkat, “I was very upset with the way I looked. I had never been so unfit. I was very angry with myself. So now I am into a proper diet and workout regime. Food has now become a ‘useless commodity’ for me. Otherwise, I had been under the habit of eating a lot; literally anything and everything. For the past one year, I had this feeling that I had to stop somewhere and get in control of my system and body. So I am glad that finally I am taking care of myself.”

Continuing on it, the actor states, “See, it was a big disappointment that I was not working out when I was busy at work. Yes, when you shoot for long hours there is less free time. But that’s not an excuse at all. Yes, that was the laziness in me. I am now getting back into shape. I required to do it for myself.”

Mishkat has now been on a strict diet and work-out regime for the last one and half months. “I was at the gym the next day after my show ended. I had gotten this horrible feeling within me even when Icchapyaari Naagin was on. I now eat less and work out a lot. The best part is that I am sticking to the plan now.”

Ask him if the results are before him and he is quick to say, “Yes, there are some very good results (smiles). But this is just the beginning and there is a long way to go.”

So is six pack abs in mind? “Not at all!! I want to be fit and feel happy from within. I will be the happiest when I can find time to work out even when I am working. Whenever I start working, I don’t find time for myself which is wrong. This is a mistake and I need to rectify it the next time I start working.”

On his career, the actor quips, “I have just begun. I have not achieved anything yet. I have a long way to go. I will take it as it comes. I am looking for interesting roles, let us see.”

Mishkat Varma is excited about the new prospects that the digital platform is giving actors. “The content is very interesting. With this, actors have got yet another medium to look forward to. The more, the merrier!! I am fine with any kind of concept on the digital platform.”

Finally your message for your fans will be, “Please wait patiently. Be patient with me (smiles).”

Mishkat, get back to shape and be back with a bang!!

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