Is it even Splitsvilla X3 if not accompanied by drama at every turn? After the last task’s aggressive battle, a vicious fight erupts despite the winners being in high spirits. Nikita-Aditi will be seen getting into an abusive heated spat over Nikita hurting Aditi in the challenge. Despite the dampened atmosphere, couples from the ‘Lets Do It’ team will be delighted as they get a chance to go on special dates with their chosen connections, a rare opportunity to deepen their bonds further in the upcoming episode. Sapna-Dhruv, and Kevin-Kat’s romantic dates look mighty fun as the couples confess their feelings and dance the night away, scaling their romance to new heights! Also, Gary-Avantika will be seen mending their relation and getting back strong again!

Introduced by the dashing host Rannvijay, this week’s golden opportunity challenge, “Love Letters” presents a unique cross-over between Scrabble and Parkour where couples who won the silver opportunity challenge go against each other. Sapna being in the Golden Villa gets an upper hand in choosing her competition and will decide to go against Arushi-Trevon while Nikita-Samarthya will be seen battlling against Avantika-Gary. Kat-Kevin do not get to perform the task since they are already an ideal match. This is in real sense a golden opportunity for Team ‘Lets Do It’. The physically daunting challenge is split into 3 stages to complete a crossword puzzle related to all things Love which will make the girls fitness trainers and involve the boys getting sweaty! Looks like couples will be playing with fire in this challenge.

At this stage in the competition, the stakes are extremely high as anything can jeopardize Team Boombaam’s spot in the house considering the last two tasks. How will team ‘Lets Do It’ make the most of their spotlight? How will their time in front of the Oracle transpire? And will we see another the ideal match in the next dome session?