Colors TV’s latest supernatural drama Pishachini, with its engaging and intriguing storyline, has kept the audience at the edge of their seats since its launch. While the show started off well and has been receiving a lot of appreciation from the audience, the upcoming twists and turns will keep the viewers glued to their TV screens in the forthcoming episodes.

The story is about Rani, the Pishachini, who is a terrifying witch whose threat looms over the quaint town of Bareilly. In her evil quest, she sets her eyes on the Rajput family who she shares a long-lost connection with. She casts her evil eye on every member of the family intending to capture their souls. But there is one person, Pavithra, who is well aware of Rani’s supernatural presence as her ancestral past is connected to hers. She has a chance encounter with the youngest member of the Rajput family, Rakshit Rajput aka Rocky that leads her into their house. Pavithra senses the impending danger surrounding the Rajput house and decides to expose Rani’s truth in front of everyone.

Recently, Rani aka Nyrraa M Banerji took to Instagram and shared fun moments with her cast. In the photos shared by the actress, the team of Pishachini is seen having a blast. All are dressed in white for a special sequence in the show. Although in the show they are seen fighting and making evil plans against each other, in real life, the cast bond like family. Check the photos below!