Sanam Johar gets a nickname on Super Dancer set

Sanam Johar earns a quirky nickname on the sets of Super Dancer! 

Dancer, choreographer & youth sensation, Sanam Johar has stepped up his game & has been consistently giving some great performances & record- breaking acts on the dance reality show Super Dancer with his partner & participant Jay.

With the number of hours spent together rehearsing in a day, the choreographers share a great bond with their little dancers & are often spending time having some fun. Apparently the kids & few other choreographers have nicknamed Sanam Johar, he gushes, ‘I only recently found out they all call me ‘The beast’, though I find it amusing but it’s flattering. I don’t know how did it begin but my kid Jay started calling me that first followed by other kids. I have this habit of throwing my kid into the air & catching him & he seemed to enjoy it. So the other kids would also queue up. It’s super sweet & I love to hear their giggles high up in the air. If this is why they call me Beast, I’ll happily be one to them.’

Sanam- Jay did a trampoline act, first for this season in front of Govinda & Shakti Kapoor & consecutively for another week got a ladder

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