The Dhoom 3 star is at it again, exposing his hot and decadent body to the world.

Siddharth Nigam’s recent looks are ‘too hot to handle’

Siddharth Nigam is popular for his role in Dhoom 3 and several Indian TV dramas like Ashoka and Chandra Nandini. However, these were roles he played as a child actor. Siddharth, these days, has become something of a style and fashion icon in the industry. His provocative dressing sense and smart looks are being noticed by many. He has gone through a metamorphosis from child to man, as seen in his current show, Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga. However, what many people don’t really know about is the fact that Siddharth Nigam has actually led a very interesting life, studded with many accolades, not all of which came through acting.

When he was a younger child, he used to be deeply entrenched in the world of gymnastics. He has represented his school and has won a lot of awards for his performances in these tournaments. But he has lately been getting the attention from people for his brand new photo shoot where we see a new and improved Siddharth Nigam and we’re betting you’ll like the improvements he’s made.

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