Suchita Trivedi is also spreading her charisma by taking care of Akshay Mhatre just like Kaku does for Rohan

Suchita Trivedi’s motherly love for Akshay Mhatre

Suchita Trivedi, who is playing the role of Kaku in Indiawaali Maa, stole the show by essaying the role of a selfless mother and redefining the true essence of being a mother. In real she’s also spreading her charisma by taking care of Akshay Mhatre just like Kaku does for Rohan.

In the current episodes, where the actress gets to shoot in the kitchen quite often,  as per a particular sequence Kaku had to cook some delicious parathas on Akshay’s demand. Akshay aka Rohan who is really diet conscious and is known for giving diet tips on the sets to his co-stars couldn’t restrict himself after a bite. Post the sequence Akshay requested Suchita to make few more parathas for him. Fitness freak Akshay ended eating 8 parathas for the lunch without sharing with anyone. His co-stars did not leave a chance to pull his leg, because after this heavy lunch of desi ghee Akshay couldn’t resist and slept for a good 1 hour on the set. Well! That is a real Maa Ka Pyaar…..

Speaking about her parathas, Suchita gets excited and shares, “I love cooking, but unfortunately, I do not get a chance to cook because of my shooting schedule. The moment I got to know about this sequence I decided to cook by myself. And the aroma of desi ghee on paratha made Akshay go crazy about the same. His happiness after eating was the next level which made me really happy. I believe food is the ingredient that binds everyone together and making parathas just adds to affection. And, Akshay is very fond of my cooking and always used to eat from my tiffin, so he really admired the parathas lathered with butter and didn’t gave anyone a bite to eat.”

She also adds, “I could relate to the satisfaction on his  face and that is what matters to me the most”