Anupamaa the Star Plus television show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut has seen engaging drama with Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) facing the biggest hurdle of her professional career with the food critic tarnishing the image of the restaurant. Anupamaa was shocked and could not imagine that things went so wrong that cockroaches were found in the food that she cooked. Anupamaa tried her best to buy some time but the reviewer was very angry and questioned the hygiene standards of the hotel and vowed to take the case ahead.

The upcoming episode will see Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) standing by Anupamaa at this tough juncture. Yashdeep will be shocked when he will know of the happenings at the restaurant. He will scold Anupamaa for all that has transpired in his absence.

Anupamaa will be emotionally weak and Anuj will try to calm her down. He will tell her that they can together set things right by finding the truth. On the other hand, Adhya (Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni) will be livid as Anuj will not turn up for her birthday party. She will yet again be angry at Anupamaa.

Adhya will search for Anuj and Anupamaa and will confront her mother. She will question her intentions and will be rude to her. Anuj will not be able to take it when Adhya will find happiness in Anupamaa’s sorrow and loss. Anuj will confront Adhya and will be harsh on her. He will tell her that it is fine that she hates her mother, but she can never curse her or find fault in her intentions. Anuj will tell Adhya that she is disrespectful and she needs to curb her emotions. The fight will escalate with Anuj asking Adhya to go home and will tell her that he will not go with her.

Anupamaa Ep 1296 24th May Written Episode Update

The food critic arrived at the restaurant. To Anupamaa’s shock, the food which was served had cockroaches in it. The food critic got angry and questioned the standards of the restaurant.

What will happen next?

Anupamaa has been the numero uno show across all GECs for a long time now. The show caters to the attention and love of housewives who have strived to make things work and start careers of their own. The show produced by Rajan Shahi has Rupali Ganguly playing the titular role of Anupamaa. Actors Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna play the male leads in the show.