Anupamaa the Star Plus television show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut has seen engaging drama with Dimple and Tapish’s wedding all set to happen. We have seen Anuj’s (Gaurav Khanna) silent love for Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) when he was in the shock of Yashdeep proposing to Anupamaa. We have seen Anupamaa crying silently on seeing Anuj with Shruti.

The upcoming episode will dwell on Devika questioning Anupamaa whether she continues to harbour feelings of love for Anuj. Anupamaa will have an emotional breakdown and will be forced to confess her feelings before Devika. She will tell Devika that she has loved, is in love and will love Anuj for life. Anuj will overhear Anupamaa’s love confession and feel happy about it. But as Anupamaa will say, Anuj will feel helpless that he is about to marry Shruti.

Anuj and Anupamaa will have emotional moments as they will cry over their helplessness in love and destiny keeping them apart.

Anupamaa Ep 1314 11th June Written Episode Update

Anuj and Anupamaa were shocked to see Gulati in the Shah house. Gulati has been given the catering task for the wedding. Anuj expressed his displeasure to Vanraj, but Vanraj asked Anupamaa and Anuj to stay away from the decisions of the Shah family.

What will happen now?

Anupamaa has been the numero uno show across all GECs for a long time now. The show caters to the attention and love of housewives who have strived to make things work and start careers of their own. The show produced by Rajan Shahi has Rupali Ganguly playing the titular role of Anupamaa. Actors Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna play the male leads in the show.