War of words between Vanraj and Anupama in Star Plus show Anupamaa

Anupamaa the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the first week. As seen so far, Leela arrives at the Kapadia mansion and creates a scene. She tries to manipulate Kinjal and asks her to return home with Arya. A drunken Paritosh threatens to kill himself and scares everyone around him. Paritosh forcefully barges in to meet Pari despite Kinjal’s warnings and almost drops her.

Anupama gets angry at Paritosh after witnessing his drama. While an intoxicated Paritosh wreaks chaos at the Kapadia mansion, Vanraj is called to control him. The latter comes to take Paritosh and gets angry at him. Vanraj also apologizes to Anuj and Anupama. Furthermore, he drags Paritosh back to the Shah house.

Now, in the coming episode, Vanraj and Leela come to Kapadia’s house to meet Kinjal. The two beg Kinjal to return home for the sake of the family. Anupama overhears their conversation and disagrees with their request and urges Kinjal to take her own decision. However, Vanraj gets angry at Anupama for speaking in between a father and a daughter. He asks Kinjal to take a decision.

OMG! What will be Kinjal’s decision?

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