Azad to don a Sardar look on Star Bharat’s Chandrashekhar

Azad to be seen in a new avatar.

Azad to don a Sardar look on Star Bharat’s Chandrashekhar

Star Bharat’s Chandrashekhar (Writer’s Galaxy) is coming up with some interesting twists and turns in its ongoing episodes.

The ardent viewers of the series would know how Azad (Karan Sharma) is on a mission to free Bhagat and Battukeshwar from jail.

In the forthcoming drama, Azad will vow that he would rescue Bhagat when Durga Bhabhi (Jaya Binjoo) will inform him about Bhagat’s life imprisonment sentence. Azad and Yashpal will lay a bomb wire on the tracks of a train and explode it.

On the other hand, Azad will assure Bhagat that he will be rescued when their eyes briefly meet before Bhagat is taken away in a van.

Later, Azad will disguise as a sardar and go to meet Bhagat in the jail. While Azad and the others attempt to free Bhagat, Sushila Didi will be given the job to divert the police. But Azad will reluctantly agree to meet Gandhiji to present the team’s cause. Meanwhile, Jinnah will build an air tight case that may acquit Bhagat, which would make his parents very happy.

Will Bhagat get released?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.



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