Bepanah Pyaar will see Raghbir facing a huge dilemma of facing his alter ego. Read details.

Bepanah Pyaar: Raghbir has a huge clash with his alter ego

Bepanah Pyaar the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms will show an added element of intrigue with the presence of another hooded man even when Harshit (Manoj Chandila) is shown to be with his family.

And as reported earlier, there will soon be a huge revelation of the man being Raghbir’s brother.

Now in the story line, the Malhotras have shifted to Kunti’s house post their house being destroyed by fire.

Raghbir (Pearl V Puri) has had a cute confession with Pragati (Ishita Dutta), and Pragati now wonders who is trying to kill her. She is almost sure of Raghbir not being the killer.

At this juncture, Raghbir will have a clash with his alter ego wherein he will be shown in a huge dilemma.

As per a reliable source, “As we know, Raghbir used to love Bani and wanted to end his life at one stage since she was not alive. Now Raghbir is slowly forgetting Bani and has fallen deeply in love with Pragati. However he is still not aware of the fact that Pragati is Baani. At this juncture, a part of him will tell him not to forget Bani as she has been his lady love. Another part of him will advise him to move on and accept Pragati.”

Raghbir will have a painful sequence wherein he will be shown struggling as he deals with his past and present love life.

What will Raghbir decide?

We buzzed actors of Bepanah Pyaar but could not get through for comments.

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