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Saumya Tandon and Aasif Sheikh turn into Sanjeev Kumar and Sucharita Sen for &TV's Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai: Vibhuti and Anita turn Sanjeev Kumar and Sucharita Sen

Known for its impeccable comic timing and entertaining stories, &TV’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai is riding high on the Bollywood wave. Inspired by the creative minds of the old filmy era, the show has been successful at presenting interesting, comical and entertaining recreations of some of the most iconic Hindi films that touched the audience’s heart. Replicating avatars of prominent characters, the Bhaiyas and Bhabhis have been on point in bringing the filmy character with themselves. Presenting yet another recreation in a different tone of an iconic Hindi film while stepping into the character shoes of Sanjeev Kumar and Sucharita Sen will be Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’s Anita Bhabhi (Saumya Tandon) and Vibhuti Mishra (Aasif Sheikh). The duo is set to depict their romantic story in the iconic tunes of the popular 1976 track, ‘Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa’.

Often seen in an elegant, colourful and stylish attire, Saumya brings a new look on screen best suited to essay the role of a Mayor. With a sophisticated demeanour just like that of politicians Saumya ‘s formal look brings a close resemblance and the same elegance that veteran actress Sucharita Sent lent for her role. Bringing a similar appeal to this intense political drama, the show is set to add a slight comical tone while depicting Anita and Vibhuti’s romantic tale. (Will add 2-3 lines more here post speaking to the EP)

An enthusiastic Saumya shared, “I have essayed the role of a politician as Anita Bhabhi before but this time the experience was different. Being compared to an actress like Sucharita is legendary and hence playing this role second time was quite special. Aandhi is one of my favourites and so is the track that we recreated. I couldn’t stop humming the tunes in the breaks when we were shooting for it. I have watched this film repeatedly and did the same before I began shooting these scenes. While the movie brings an intense picture of the situation, our show being a comedy one adds a little humour to this situation. We had quite a fun time shooting, and I hope the audience thoroughly enjoys this as well.”

In the upcoming episode, Anita Bhabi will be appointed as the new Mayor of state and Tiwari will be her personal assistant. The new opportunity leaves Anita busy with her day to day activities which leads to a distance between her and Vibhuti. Missing his wife and understanding her busy schedule Vibhuti tries to make up for the missed time with her by spending more and more time with her.

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