Bigg Boss 16 is all set to witness filmmaker Farah Khan stepping into superstar Salman Khan’s shoes as host. Also Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor will be seen entering the BB house. In the coming episode, Farah welcomes Anil Kapoor and he meets the contestants.

Later, he calls Archana Gautam ‘Archu’. Soon, she blushes. Anil requests her to say a shayari and she agrees to do so. While, Archana tells a shayari, Anil comes from behind and hugs her. Archana Gautam blushes and hides her face. The contestants have fun time while watching the two together.

Later, Anil asks Stan to teach him his ‘language’ to see if the rapper can speak better than the actor. The duo have a face off, and Anil cannot help but giggle at some of Stan’s lines. Stan’s unique hair also gets in Anil’s way, and Farah can’t help but try to control her laughter.